Headquarters Honduras

Asociación de Consultores en Ingeniería S. de R. L. (ACI)

Edificio AMBAR. Colonia El Prado,

2nda Calle, 2nda Avenida,

Tegucigalpa, M.D.C, Honduras

Headquarters USA


2315 NW, 107 Ave.

Suite IM28 B117

Doral, FL 33172


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About ACI


Quality engineering

ACI is a multinational engineering consulting company that started in Honduras with the parent company, Asociación de Consultores en Ingeniería (ACI) which was founded in January, 1991. The experience, professionalism and innovative spirit of the team soon made ACI the most prestigious consulting firm in Honduras. ACI has a permanent team of engineers, architects and specialists in a wide variety of areas that have allowed us to successfully complete projects in most of the branches of civil engineering and architecture.

The firm has been a pioneer in Central America in the field of topography by becoming the first company in the region to implement Laser technology for the extraction of surveying data, as well as in pavement engineering by employing specialized equipment for the evaluation of pavement structures. The excellence and quality of our consulting services, as well as the application of cutting edge technology, have enabled ACI to grow and obtain experience internationally. In 2013, we founded ACI Central America based in Panama, and, in 2015, we created ACI USA Inc. based in the United States. In addition, the company counts with a team of representatives in Latin America and the Caribbean, in countries such as: Mexico, Colombia, Dominican Republic, and Guyana. This infrastructure provides the corporation with the necessary logistics and capacity to effectively perform a wide variety of projects and technical studies throughout the American Continent.

The majority of our projects are funded by renown international financial organizations such as: Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI), Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) and World Bank (WB), and have been of enormous importance for the development of Latin America. The firm has specialized in the development of creative solutions for the construction and expansion of highways and roads, as well as the design of transportation infrastructure to solve the traffic congestion problem of urban areas.



Cutting Edge technology that uses high precision airborne cameras to conduct topographic surveys in a fast and low-cost manner.


ACI provides the following specialized services in the area of Pavement Engineering.


ACI operates and maintains a fully equipped laboratory facility to perform testing of soils, asphalts, and hydraulic concrete.