Welcome to Showroom of The Americas
International B2B Showcase for Import & Export
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Free trade zones
are federally designated areas
which are considered to be outside of the
commerce and customs territory of the USA.

Welcome to Showroom Of The Americas – International B2B Showcase for Import & Export

Here you will find exporters and manufacturers of differentiated, unique and/ or personalized products from the Americas with their export offers of product ready to be sold on open stock basis for the US market.

They are supported by professional organizations and companies that provide them consulting and training and services as International Trade Facilitators, International Business Incubators, Networking options with Chambers of Commerce and trade organizations and Marketing and eMarketing solutions.

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International Business Incubator

International Trading Center (ITC) is an international business incubator in the United States. International Trading center is dedicated to supporting new businesses or international businesses looking to enter U.S. and Latin American markets.

It facilitates the international expansion efforts of service and manufacturing companies. We offer companies the prospect of counting on a professional space within a technologically advanced complex.

International Trade Facilitators

Export Americas Corp is a consulting service specialized in the US Market. Our work and performance has allowed us to become effective INTERNATIONAL TRADE FACILITATORS that give service support to International Export/ Import  Companies interested and motivated to sell or buy  their products and services into the US Market in competitive and profitable ways.

Internet and eMarketing Consultants

CyberCIS Corp. is an internet services  and management consulting company that offers clients an innovative and personalized approach to web presence.

CyberCIS helps clients maximize their internet exposure by creating websites and e-marketing campaigns that are tailor-made for each client’s individual needs inlcuding SEO, Social Media and eCommerce solutions